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Internationalization and globalization have brought about many changes in our economy. This was particularly true for the region of Ostwestfalen, located centrally at the hub of European trade. The top export destinations for goods made in North Rhine-Westphalia remain the Netherlands, France and the USA with China, Belgium and Italy following closely behind. While the Netherlands also ranks as the number one partner for importing goods, China follows on second place and France on third.

The CCI Ostwestfalen gives specific information on markets and sectors, as well as legal and tax conditions in a number of countries. Our tailored consulting services provide information on all relevant aspects of foreign trade and give an initial overview of the apprpiate instruments, strategies and contact partners in the respective target market: 

Export Consulting Service
The CCI offers tailored consulting for companies planning to export or seeking to intensify their foreign activities. Companies can draw on the experience of our Senior Experts. 

The CCI regularly offers a variety of events, courses, seminars, company exchanges and trips for internationally operating companies. 

Customs information
The CCI gives information about the handling of export and import business, certificates of origin, authentications of commercial invoices, temporary exports, carnets, supplier’s declarations and export controls.

Trade fairs abroad
The CCI carries out tailored research on international trade fairs and provides information on exhibition support programs offered by the state or North Rhine-Westphalia

CCI Company Pools
The CCI Company Pools represent an efficient market entry instrument for establishing a foreign presence. It supports Company Pools in China, Iran and the United Arab Emirates/Oman. 

The popular market for international business contacts “E-Trade-Center” has been integrated into the foreign trade portal IXPOS. The website enables you to post your advertisement yourself and thus establish fast and easy contacts to German companies. And, of course, you can research the German postings yourself. A free registration is required under the rubric “Business Finder”. Further Information:

Demand for German products and services is booming in the Middle East. At the forefront are the nations of Iran, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia. Demand is particularly strong for plant and machinery, followed by vehicles, electrical and chemical products. For many years now, the CCI Ostwestfalen has enjoyed strong contacts with the Gulf States and Iran. Its services include:

  • The annual Middle East symposium in Bielefeld on current issues concerning Middle East business
  • The organization of business trips to Iran, Oman and the UAE including business contact exchanges
  • CCI Company Pools in UAR, Oman, Qatar in Dubai, Iran in Teheran

An important local player for the development of foreign markets are the German Chambers of Commerce Abroad. They have 140 offices in 92 countries worldwide. They offer information about the economy, help establish business contacts, run training and education courses, organize business leader meetings and conventions and promote Germany as a trade fair location. Among other things, they arrange country consulting days and delegation trips and support companies in their operating business together with the German Chambers of Commerce and Industry. Further Information:


Together with companies from Ostwestfalen, the CCI plans to establish a trustworthy community for foreign entrepreneurs, a secure space full of useful advice from fellow expats and knowledgeable locals where they are able to form a network and find friends who will explore their new surroundings with them. The InterNations network is supposed to be coming to Bielefeld soon, so be sure to keep an eye on the development. Further information:


it’s OWL

The technology network “it’s OWL” – short for Intelligent Technical Systems OstwestfalenLippe – is an alliance of 174 businesses, universities and other partners. Named as a Leading-Edge Cluster by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, it is involved in 46 research projects to develop intelligent technical systems and make Industry 4.0 a reality. It makes a significant contribution to the competitiveness of manufacturing and production in Germany. Further information:

Customs regulations for export and import customs clearance in Germany: Here you will find an initial overview of the most important regulations.

You will be redirected to the German customs.