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The Ostwestfalen region
Foreign Trade Services

The Global Business Market

As our economy is constantly adapting to internationalization and globalization, German products maintain a strong reputation. German suppliers focus on high quality and innovation at every step of their specialization and customization processes.

The top export destinations for goods made in Germany and the Ostwestfalen region are the USA, France, and China. Most imports come from China, followed by the Netherlands and France.

With an export ratio of 38.2%, Ostwestfalen displays a strong commitment to international trade with an enormous potential for growth. The engineering, electronics, furniture, and automobile industries are among the most important exporting industries in Ostwestfalen.

Foreign Trade Services of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI)

The CCI Ostwestfalen gives specific information about markets and sectors, as well as legal and tax conditions in a number of countries. Our tailored consulting services provide relevant information on all aspects of foreign trade and an overview of the appropriate tools, strategies, and contact partners in the respective target market.

Ostwestfalen Export Drive
The export drive is a starting point that works to develop the international outlook and strategy for companies.

Every year the CCI offers 60-70 events, courses, seminars, company exchanges and trips for internationally operating companies.

Ostwestfalen International Newsletter
Our newsletter contains pertinent information about the current situation of foreign trade. It is provided free of charge via email.

Customs Information
The CCI provides information about handling import and export business, certificates of origin, authentications of commercial invoices, temporary exports, carnets, supplier‘s declarations and export controls.

Trade Fairs Abroad
The CCI tailors research on international trade fairs and exhibition support programs offered by the state or North Rhine-Westphalia.

Market Place and Contacts
Those offering or seeking business opportunities can research or place them on the website This worldwide database can be used to find business partners all over the world.

Trade and Investment Summary for Kenya


Germany regards Kenya as an important partner in a crisis-ridden region and one of its most important economic partners in East Africa. More than 100 German companies have expanded to Kenya, which many of them use to serve the East African region. In 2021, German exports to Kenya totaled $327 million, of integrated circuits ($24.4 million), laboratory reagents ($14.9 million), and tractors ($13.3 million). Over the last 26 years, German exports to Kenya have increased 2.18% annually, from $187 million in 1995 to $327 million in 2021.

Trade and Investment Summary for Pakistan


Germany is Pakistan’s most important trading partner in the EU in terms of bilateral trade, which amounted to 3.5 billion euro in 2021. Germany’s exports to Pakistan are dominated by machinery, chemical and electrical goods (17.1 million), pharmaceutical products (5.23 million) and sawn timber (4.93 million). Pakistan’s main exports to Germany are textiles, leather goods, sports goods, and footwear (170,0 million).

Trade and Investment Summary for the United Kingdom

Germany is the UK’s second largest trading partner, making up 8.0% of UK trade. This trade relationship made up 138.2 billion euro in 2022, an increase of 16.0% from the previous year. In 2022, German exports to the UK totaled 82.3 billion, an increase of 18.0%. The largest exported good to the UK is cars (17.2 billion), followed by medicinal and pharmaceutical products (3.8 billion) and other mechanical and electronic goods (8.1 billion). In 2021, UK FDI in Germany was 34.8 billion Euros and German FDI in the UK was 39.7 billion Euros.

Trade and Investment Summary for Ireland


Germany is one of Ireland’s largest trading partners. Its main exports to Ireland are motor vehicles, chemical products, electronics and machinery. Its main imports from Ireland primarily include pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals, electronics, food as well as measurement and control technology. Because of Brexit, both sides intend to further extend and deepen Irish-German relations. The trustful relations between the two countries are reflected in the Joint Plan of Action updated in 2021, as well as in the many reciprocal visits at various levels and between the parliaments, making it clear the relationship will be continuing.

Trade and Investment Summary for Malaysia

Economic ties between Germany and Malaysia have been very close for many years. The Malaysian-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which was founded in 1991, is the largest such chamber of any EU member state. In 2021, Germany exported 5.96 billion to Malaysia. Exports have increased annually at a rate of 2.83% over 26 years. Germany’s top exports were integrated circuits (1.31 billion), cars (320 million), and semiconductors (306 million). Between March 2022 and March 2023, Germany’s exports to Malaysia increased 13.2%.

Trade and Investment Summary for Iran


In 2021, Germany exported 1.64 billion euros to Iran, mainly composed of agricultural and pharmaceutical products. The main products that Germany exported to Iran are barley (184 million), vaccines, blood, antisera, toxins and cultures (132 million), and wheat (115 million). Trade has slowed between Germany and Iran in recent years because of political tension, between March 2022 and March 2023, German exports to Iran decreased 41%.

Trade and Investment Summary for the Arabian Gulf States

The UAE is Germany’s biggest trading partner in the region. In 2020, the bilateral volume of trade was 7.51 billion euro. Germany’s main exports to the UAE are aircraft, cars, machinery, electrical goods and chemical products. Germany imports primarily aluminium and petrochemical products. Following the UAE, Saudi Arabia is Germany’s second most important trading partner in the Arab world. For its part, Germany is the fourth-largest supplier of goods to Saudi Arabia, mainly exporting machinery, motor vehicles, chemical products and electrical, precision engineering and optical goods. 

Services of the German Chambers of Commerce Abroad

The German Chambers of Commerce Abroad are important local partners for the development of foreign markets. They offer research about the economy, help establish business contacts, run training and education courses, organize meetings with business leaders and conventions, and promote Germany as a trade destination. They also arrange country consulting days and delegation trips to support companies working with them -