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Vocational Training & Education

Dual vocational education and training consists, as the name suggests, of two parts: alongside the theoretical education at vocational training schools, trainees receive on-the-job training at their respective companies. Thus, theory that is learned in school can be directly applied in practice at the company. The change between work and education, which can either happen on a basis of a few days per week or as block seminars in longer periods, promotes this practical application of knowledge while also providing diversity for the trainee.

The Chamber of Industry and Commerce (CCI) supports entrepreneurs to initiate vocational training and helps them in the process of finding trainees, organizes intermediate and final examinations while also acting as a point of contact for trainees in any stage of their training. Because of the skilled labor shortage, well-trained professionals have great prospects on the employment market – particularly with higher vocational education, which received a clear and uniform three-stage-structure with designations as “Certified Specialist”, “Bachelor Professional” and “Master Professional” in 2020. This was an important signal for the equivalence of vocational and academic education.  

The CCI is initiator of various projects to support dual vocational education and training. In the past years, the CCI has organized over 230 cooperations between schools and regional companies to further enhance comprehension between economy and education and implement events such as trainings for applications or internships into the curriculum. With the project “Passgenaue Besetzung” the CCI aims to help smaller and middle-sized companies in finding fitting prospects for their training places and helping with the integration of foreign professionals.

For more information on the cooperations contact Bodo Venker, +49521 554-268 or; for more information on “Passgenaue Besetzung” contact Sarah Johanna Engling, +49521 554-143 or

German law entitles people who have completed vocational training in foreign countries to a have an equivalency assessment to a German profession. Nationality, place of residence and residence permit status do not pose relevant factors in the assessment. The CCI offers free and personal advice on the topic. For more information contact Şengül Budak, +49521 554-163 or